7 days from Tanger ” Al Andalus Tour “

Day 1: Tanger – Asilah :

On the first day of Tangier Morocco Tours, pick up at the port of Tangier and drive to Asilah, on road we’ll observe the lighthouse and the memories of Spartel Greek mythology will come to our mind in the caves of Hercules count. You will have lunch in one of the bars in the area and enjoy the beach. Then we continue our trip along the coast, arrival and reception at the hotel. Roam in the medina of Asilah (blue and white) we’ll also discover the walls built by the Almohad and centuries later fortified by the Portuguese who occupied the city for a century. After that head to the cemetery and the seaside next to the Marabout of Sidi Ibn Musa Ahmd. We leave the Bab Homar medina where you install the market. Dinner, hotel accommodation.

Day 2: Asilah – Larache – Lixus :

Today enjoy your morning free time to walk for one last time through the incredible medina and the beach in Asilah, before leaving to Larache. This city has a Spanish style situated on the mouth of Lucus river, as evidenced by the Store castle, fortification overlooking the bay, it is constructed by the Spanish on the seventeenth century. We’ll observe the imprint of Spanish style everywhere, from the Place de la Liberation, known as the Plaza of Spain, to restaurant menus. Then we’ll explore the ruins of the Roman acropolis Lucus, established by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC, possibly as the first point of commerce in North Africa. Ending our day at the accommodation for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Larache – Chaouen :

Today on this Tangier Morocco Tours, and after breakfast we depart to Chaouen city, but first of all we’ll have a short tour to see the Cromlech of Msoura with its 167 menhirs, In fact one of the oldest human remains in the area. Then we take another path which was Khemis Souk des Beni Arrous. Chaouen Arrival and reception at the hotel. Here you’ll have lunch and your own time to discover the “holy city of the Rif mountains.”

Day 4: Chaouen – Chaouen :

Today enjoy your free time and benefit from a possibility of a guided tour in the city. Chefchaouen is located at Jbel Tissouka (mountain), which gives the visitors a wonderful journey through a maze of narrow streets, we’ll enter its Bab al-Suiqa Harmum in the neighborhood, it is the oldest part in the city with merchants and artisans. After that continue your Tangier Morocco Tours, to heart and center of the town at “Hamman Uta plaza” there you’ll find the Mosque, the source, the Citadel with the local museum, the Funduq and numerous terraces of cafes where touristic sites and the Rif mountains are mixed together to produce a relaxed atmosphere. We go to the neighborhood named Andalous, in the first place it was neighborhood to host the second wave of Moors after 1492, climbing its steep streets and whitewashed we reach the limit of Bab al-Ansar (the fortified area),
it is on the side of “Ras al-Ma” spring; this spring takes its water sources of the medina and allows the operation of public utility and the mill on the left, and go round to reach a bridge where just enchanting journey. You’ll marvel at the original and stunning craftsmanship made of leather and other beautiful products that make the artisans of the city. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 5: Chaouen  – Tetuan :

In the mornning we leave Chefchaouen and drive to Tetuan. When arriving take lunch at the Medina entering through the magnificent Bab el-Rouah near the royal palace, up the street Al-Mokaden, area businesses and artisans we’ll arrive to Sidi Ali Barka Zaouia, above Bab el-Mqbar takes step to Andalusian Cemetery where stands the mausoleum of Sidi al-Mandri Granada who reconstructed the city in the 15th century. Then we’ll move forward to Bab el-Oqla, finally enjoy dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Tetuan – Tanger :

Today your own time will be given to you to discover the archaeological museum, the Museum of Popular Arts and the School of arts and crafts. We’ll have our lunch and continue to Tangier city, shipping in mid-afternoon. In Tangier visit the port ” the beach road” outside where, you’ll see the most precious buildings from the colonial era, the “Teatro Cervantes” in a lamentable state of neglect. You’ll also visit a great small souk and square, the thrilling center of the city that gives entrance to the medina with its streets lined with artisans, bazaars, cafes and street stalls, take a walk to the Kasbah, some noble and top of the medina where you can sample traditional cuisine enjoying beautiful views of Tangier steraits and its wonderful bay. We sit at CafĂ© Hafa and take mint tea and remembering Bowles and others, visited the Phoenician necropolis and in the evening, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Tangier Morocco Tours

Today we drive you to the port or airport after your breakfast at the hotel, End of our Tangier Morocco Tours, and services

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