morocco culture tours

About us :

Morocco Culture Tours is a small company based in Marrakech run by Mohamed, offering private tailored guided cultural tours for singles, couples, families and small groups all around Morocco highlighting the very best of it’s imperial cities, ancient Medinas, Atlas Mountains, Kasbahs and Sahara desert.
Mohamed found his  passion for culture and language amongst the most majestic sand dunes of Morocco called Erg Chebbi, located in Merzouga village. There he led a nomadic childhood with his  parents, wandering through the desert with his family and camels possessing only a tent for shelter.
He fellt passionate about educating and informing the general public about his culture and little-known nomadic way of life and about his Moroccan guests discovering the real country; it’s mysterious hidden culture, warmth of hospitality, dramatic contrasts, legend and sense of romance.  Insight and knowledge are kings here in a country that offers a variety of experiences.
Our mission at Morocco Culture  Tours is:
  • To ensure that every facet of your journey is captivating and truly enriching.
As our vision is:
  • To provide journeys that celebrate the culture and hospitality of Morocco for a truly authentic experience.
Through our unrelenting pursuit of excellence, we are committed to exceeding your expectations by delivering an experience that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. We are constantly creating new and intriguing journeys to meet the varied needs and interests of our eclectic client base and we are fast gaining an excellent reputation for professional, crafted guided tours built on the mantra of ‘nothing is too much trouble’.
So, if you would like to get the most out of your visit, get in touch with us and tell about your interests, what and where you’d like to visit and we’ll be able to suggest a tour tailored to suit you and your pocket.
You can be collected at the airport, railway station or from your hotel anywhere in Morocco.
who are the imazighen or berber people :
Imazighen (plural of Amazigh) or Berbers are the original inhabitants of North Africa and is one of the oldest towns of humanity (about 10,000 years old). It is the only truly indigenous people of North Africa and the indigenous ethnic groups are very varied, such as the darkskinned Tuareg or the blonde hair and blue eyes of the kabilian people. They all share a common ancestral language and culture. The name « Berber » is derived from barbarus, printed by the Romans to all the rebellious people in Rome, although they prefer the word Amazigh, which means « free human being ».
Want to know more? Travel to Morocco with us and discover yourself as they live and the traditions and customs of this ancient culture.

Why us :
  • Trust and honesty.
  • Experience and professionalism.
  • Native guides with knowledge of several languages.
  • Experts in the area.
  • Flexibility in scheduling travel.
  • Quality transport.
  • Special activities.