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Camel Trekking in Merzouga – Night in the Desert

Camel Ride – Walking Trek  – Sahara Desert Camel Trek – Nights in Desert

 Trip 1: One night in desert with Exotic Sahara Desert Camel Trek experience in Merzouga

camel trekking morocco

In the evening from 15.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs, the Sahara Desert Camel Trek starts. The tour will begin from the lodging near the sand hills in Merzouga. Here, we will trek on the camels to arrive at the top most sand dunes in center of Erg chebbi in this desert. This is the lovely place to take superb snaps of sunset and sunrise from the uppermost area of sand dunes. After we reach back to the camps, you need to take sand board and leave the camels to get the lovely view of sunset. Then we will take dinner along with great music and Berber drums surrounding the fire placed in the middle in this Sahara Desert. Surely it will turn out to be a thrilling night to enjoy beneath the clear sky and glittering stars. We need to get up early in the next morning to view sunrise followed by camel ride to get back to Merzouga. Upon reaching the hotel here you will get breakfast. You can enjoy shower.
The trip will cost:    35€ Per Person
 The trip will include the following:
  • You will get rooms in our hotel to keep your luggage and to take shower
  • Car parking facility
  • Excellent nomad tents
  • Best arrangement for dinner and breakfast
  • Camel ride for 40 minutes to 1.30 minutes
  • Bottled water for drinking
  • Facility of sand boarding within the dunes

Trip 2: 2 nights stay in Desert with Sahara Desert Camel Trek in Merzouga

First day: Sahara Desert Camel Trek to Erg chebbi dunes- Sunset – Sand Board – spend night in tents in midst of desert:

camel treking merzougaThis is a two day trip which starts in the evening. We organize the camel ride from the nearest sand dunes from the hotel. During the journey you will meet with Berber family and eat with them. Next Sahara Desert Camel Trek will be to the top most sand dunes in the Merzouga desert. You will be able to enjoy the nature and its beauty and you will get the chance to take the best photographs of sunsets and sunrises. Now it is the time to leave the camels and to take sand boards to reach to the highest sand dunes. You will surely have an excellent dinner here with great environment of music and Berber drums surrounding the fire placed in the middle of Sahara desert. Staying at night within the nomad camps under the shining stars will surely give you an exotic experience.

Second Day: Journey from Erg Chebbi dunes – The Black desert – Meeting Berber Nomad Family and Camel ride experience to reach the camp:

 After getting up early in the morning, we will take you to view sunrise. Once you complete your breakfast, Sahara Desert Camel Trek will start to explore the destination. You will enjoy your lunch with the nomad people. Here we will relax for a while and then will head to the highest dunes riding on camels. Here you will visit an Oasis within the dunes and after getting the sunset view we will get back to the camp. In the nomad tents we will spend a thrilling night. On third day, we will return to Merzouga riding on camels after viewing the sunrise. In the hotel in Merzouga we will have our breakfast and shower.
 The price of the package has been fixed at  :   75€ / Person
The trip is included the following:
  • Exclusive rooms in our hotel where you can leave you baggage and have shower
  • If you have car with you then parking facility is available here(if you have)
  • Nicely designed desert camps
  • Dinner and breakfast will be served
  • Opportunity to have lunch with a nomad family
  • Trip to Merzouga oasis
  • Night stay in specially designed Nomad tents
  • Availability of guide per camel during ride ranging between 40 minutes to 1hr 30 minutes
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Opportunity for sand boarding in the dunes

Trip 3: Exotic journey by 4×4 around Erg chebbi Merzouga Desert

4x4 desertFrom Merzouga, the journey will start to explore the surrounding small villages such as Hassi Labied, Merdani , Khamlia , M’fis in and around Erg Chebbi dunes. During the trip you can look ahead to meet local people who will show their desert foxes. In Khamila, we can come across desert mammals and reptile. This village is famed as the community of black people who are from Sudan and used to be slave previously. They will welcome you with a cup of tea which is well known as whiskey Berber. Here you will also enjoy their religious Gnawa Music. After Khamila, our next destination is to reach near the Algerian border to get the glimpse of the picturesque view of the golden dunes. Here we can stop for having lunch under the shades of tree. Later we will head to meet nomad families those who live under the Berber Tent. They take care of the domestic cattle, goats and camels, etc. Here you will be introduced to the members of the family and they will explain about their life. Here you can also feel the charm of taking a sip of the exotic cup of tea. Next we will continue our journey to reach the sites of the volcanic rocks and will enjoy the exotic view of the Yasmina lac. The ravishing beauty of the sand dunes along with the flawless look of lake will surely make you feel good. The tour of today will end back to Merzouga.

Enjoy Quad Biking in Merzouga

You can go for hiring a moto quad on rent and can ride on it to enjoy the area of the dunes. Our guide will always give you necessary tips and proper direction so that your journey can become a memorable one for the life.
You can start riding the Moto Quad just from front of the hotel and can have great fun. We are going to offer you all the thrills that you want during the holidays so that your trip can become unforgettable one for the life.
We’ll arrange bicycles or dune buggies or motor bikes for you to have adventure experience in the Sagara desert.
We are also ready to make an arrangement of special glide or ski or sand boards to enjoy more adventures on the dunes of Erg Chebbi. If you want to inquire about any other additional information then simply get in touch with us.

buggy desertAdventurous buggy driving in Merzouga

Buggy is available here for rent and you can have one for your own ride. The buggies you can ride on your own to explore dunes according to the guidance and tips provided by our guide. This buggy riding will surely make your trip more enjoyable. You can start the buggy riding just near to the hotel and will have immense fun.
So, during the vacation if you are looking for some adventures, then we are here to provide you the thrill you are searching for. A perfect way to ensure your vacation will turn out to be an unforgettable experience.
If you want we will make arrangements for the bicycles or a squad or dune buggies which you can ride to explore the beauty of Sahara Desert. We are also ready to provide the ski, sand board and hand glide to have fun in the Erg Chebbi dunes. If you have any doubt then you can contact us for more information.

 How you will meet and how to arrive the desert?

(1)-1. How can you reach Merzouga via Morocco’s public transport once you start from Marrakech?
 From Marrakech the bus departs daily at 8 am sharp and will reach to Merzouga by 21.00 hrs.
(2)2. After leaving Fes how can you reach to Merzouga?
The bus starts from Fes for Merzouga at 19.00 hrs daily and it will take you to the destination in the next morning by 6.00 am.
3)3. How can you meet us in Merzouga Desert?
The desert tour is arranged by us hence we will take you to the destination by a rented car. The car will wait for you near to the hotel. Again, we will wait for you at the bus station in Merzouga if you are reaching here by bus.
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